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Get the attention of your customers.

Brochures or flyers are a unique way to get your potential customers attention. The use of bright colors and designs are just part of what we do to help you grow. 


Looking to launch a new business or product, let us desing that eye catching brochure or flyer. There are several ways you can fold them to set you apart for eveyone else and hundreds of different types of paper to choose from.

Available Folds:


Parallel Fold








Product Details
  • Full Color (4/4)

  • Resolution: All artwork should be at a 300dpi

  • Stock: All brochures are printed on high quality paper stock

  • Flat sizes:

    • 8.5"w x 11"h

    • 11"w x 8.5"h

    • 14"w x 8.5"h

    • 17"w x 11"h

    • 25.5"w x 11"h



Newsletters are a cost-effective marketing tool used for bringing customers up to speed with the latest news. Impress current clients or prospects with a newsletter spotlighting upcoming projects or innovative ventures.


We can create newsletters in a variety of styles and layouts. When communicating information to your customers, it is important that your logo is consistently represented in on everything you put out there. We'll do everything to make sure your customers see your company in the way you want them to.

Examples of Newsletter options:
  • Vertical or horizontal layout

  • Full color pictures

  • Unfolded


  • Bi-folded

  • Tri-folded

  • One or two-sided

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