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Frequestly Asked Questions

I can't find an item I am looking for on your website. Does Next Level do other products as well?
Yes we do over 150 different items and are adding them to the website on a regular basis. If there is an item you need please send us an emial or call and we will do our best to help you.


What is your return policy?
If you had a custom product made by us then are not any returns. We send and have all customers sign off on proofs to eliminate any problems.


Is my payment secure?
Yes. We DONOT store credit card information in any computer that has access to the internet.


What type of images should I use when ordering items?
The preferred file type is always vector. If a vector format is not accessable or available then the image needs to be no less than 300dpi.


Who is responsible for proofing my artwork/product?
At the end of the end product is something that you have to like and except to represnet your business. We do everything we can to make sure everything is correct but your know your business better than we do and suggest you have several people view your product before you say it is "OK" to print.


I need a custom product made. Can you help me?
Please contact us through email ( or call (813.490.7800) and we can always help.


How do I know that you received my order?
We send emails out shortly after receiving your email unless it is during non-business hours. Email are not guarenteed so if for some reason we don't respond it typically means we did not receive your message.


How soon will I receive my order?
Depending on the product it can take up to 7 business days. Our typical turnaround time is 2-3 days on 90% of our products. Some custom order can take longer due to getting supplies and or vendor stock. 

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